She should practice Yellow submarine, the whole song, focusing on the different parts. Lily should also practice first two lines to Au Clair de la lune in the book.


He should play Joshua fought the battle of Jericho in the Hal Leonard book. Matthieu should also practice the Intro to Dust in the wind. The main focuses should be the Travis picking technique as well as switching chords maintaining the melody of the 2nd string.


He should practice And I love her in the new key  (Gm): the solo sequence and the song’s outro. Paul should also play its solo.


Matias should practice If I fell, the whole song . In the Hal Leonard book, he should also play Sinner man and exercises 5 to 8 at page 51.


Julian should practice the intro and verse to I’ve just seen a face. He should focus on the end of the verse, where he’s going to be dealing with two chords per measure and a different strumming pattern.