Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work on the open hi-hat beats this week. Keep working on making them feel comfortable and playing them with consistency. Try speeding them up a little bit too, but only as fast as you can play them correctly.


You’re doing really well with the songs we’ve been working on. Try playing along with the recording as much as possible, but listen very carefully to make sure you’re not speeding up or slowing down. Work on learning the new beat from “Confident” this week.


Keep working on the song “Good Life” especially the last two fills and the intro. Focus on keeping the rhythms really steady and not speeding up or slowing down. Also, make sure you do your warm up at the beginning of each practice session for at least 5 minutes.


Work on the beats and transitions from “Dani California” which I wrote in your book. Play each one individually, and then try putting them together. Be careful not to play too fast! The song isn’t really quick, so make sure you are practicing at an appropriate speed.


Take a look at the new rhythms I showed you this week. Make sure that the sixteenth notes all sound the same and that the beat stays steady. Count each rhythm out loud before you play.