Great to be back teaching after being gone for a few weeks!


Keep practicing “Little River” and focus on the legato smoothness. You did a great job learning “Mexican Jumping Beans” and so quickly too! Remember that it is staccato, which is the opposite of the legato in “Little River”. Your task this week in “Mexican Jumping Beans” is to remember which notes are played by the right hand and which notes are played by the left hand. Once you remember that, it will be very easy to play. But great work and I look forward to hearing it again next week and move on to other pieces in the book!


Don’t forget to practice your scales first thing when you go to practice. Let’s do C Major this week and G Major if you’re feeling adventurous. Remember that G Major has one sharp (F-Sharp – so you play F-Sharp instead of F). Remember the trick I taught you with the fingering – 1-2-3 then 1-2-3-4. Keep working on the “Cowboy Song” and put the two hands together. Keep practicing hands separate as much as you need to. Once you get more comfortable with it, we can start using the Cowboy rhythm, or the swing. Great work!