Hello piano explorers and parents,

It is already the middle of August and we are excited to embark on another year of music in the fall at ABC Academy of Music.

This email is an introduction to a new feature that we hope to implement this year : homework emails.

A great way to keep track of students’ assignments and progress is for teachers to write them down, but sometimes these notebooks don’t consistently make the required trek between the school and home. We hope that with teacher homework emails, the assignments are easily tracked and this can aid in even more efficient home practice.


Find the two black keys on the keyboard and play both of them at the same time using  two fingers. The easiest fingers will be your second and third finger also known as finger two and three.


Thank you for working so hard on piano maestro. You are now ahead of where we are in the book so you can take a break or play some of the songs you have already learned in the previous chapters.  Review your favorite song in the book so far which is Firefly.


We just started the first exercise in the dozen a day book. Use this as a warm-up before playing the assigned songs.  Listen and watch your fingers to make sure that they are playing  exactly together.


We started learning a difference for them today with eighth notes .  Instead of counting them you can say “Ti-ti”  for each eighth note and “Ta” for each quarter note.


Experiment with different ways of moving your wrist in order to achieve the sound that you want in a song . For example more lateral and rotational movement for lyrical melodies and up-and-down for a more detached sound.


You’re doing great with not needing to write in any note names.  Keep it up. Even though eighth notes look fast you don’t need to rush them.


We listened to various songs and try to discover what meter they were (three beats or four beats per bar).  You can continue to do this when you listen to any songs on the radio of any style or genre.


Thank you,