Hi everyone!

Here are your assignments for this week:


Work on getting familiar with the new chord shapes we learned this week. See if you can put the shapes and chord names to memory.  Try making a list of chord names without diagrams and quiz yourself.  Please make a list of tunes for next week as well.


Take the strumming patterns from today through “Jolene”.  See if you can play lines 1 + 2 together as a loop, repeated.  Note that as the song begins and ends with A minor, be sure to distinguish the difference between the last chord (4 counts) and first chord (2 counts).


Use the songs and scales from today as a vehicle for incorporating the Bass techniques we talked about.  Play with your first finger in your right hand.  Stay with the 1 finger per fret rule in the left hand for now, and hang your thumb around the back of your second finger.  Left hand fingers should have a slight bend for playing the Bass.

-Seven Nation Army, Feel Good Inc. , C + G Major Scales


Thanks everyone, I appreciate your enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your musical goals.  Keep up the good work, and see you next week!






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