Dear piano explorers and parents

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!  Only 3 more lessons left!



Morning: Veda is improving in finding the notes on the piano. In bars 13,14,19,20, please check your notes in the RH.  We played up to bar 21 today. Keep playing this daily.



Morning: Play to the end of this piece. Both hands move up to reach “A” in bar 6, and 14. Keep playing this daily.



A Little Joke: Keep your eighth notes steady even though some are staccatos and others are slurs. Lift up after the slur. Your goal is to get faster and faster in tempo.

Rising Sun: Play all the notes on the black keys.

Cool Groove: Check your LH notes and timing. Counting will help you play the rhythm accurately.



Sneaky Sam: Play the staccatos short in bar 17-19, 31-33.  Don’t play quickly – you want to have control and accuracy when playing new material.

Jumping Jacks: (NEW) Play the RH and LH separately this week. Be sure to play the rhythm (similar to “London Bridge”)



Nightfall: (the second version) Continue to refine this and find the notes accurately.

Mary Ann: (NEW) Hold the tied notes for the combined note value

Aunt Rhody: (NEW) Hold the LH chords for the entire bar. Watch out for where the LH has a rest.


Have a great week everyone.