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February 19, 2017 – Voice Students!

Samara You have such good and positive energy!  I'm so glad you are finding your voice.  The more I hear you the more I hear a voice inside you ready to blossom.  I think that the Carousel song is a great start.  Keep going with your interest in musicals.  Is there another song from that show that appeals? Or maybe [...]

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Saturday, February 12, 2017 – Homework

Samara Work on You'll Never Walk Alone this week, especially the mid section (before it goes really high).  Work on making a very nasal sound but be gentle.  Before you do this though, make sure you're warmed up.  Do gentle vocalising, emphasising making a nasal sound.  Make your vowels very pure and use all your air for each time you [...]

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Samara It was really lovely to meet you!  You have a very sweet voice with a lot of potential.  This week I would suggest doing some searching for songs from musicals or other popular songs you like. Try to do some singing each day this week.  Be very gentle though, we are trying to strengthen and extend your range.  I [...]

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017 – Homework

Anastasiya I'm really happy with your progress Anastasiya, especially with how you are getting stronger with your finger movements.  Do lots of repetitions of the chords and arpeggio exercises we did this week. Always make sure your fingers are bent not flat.  Practice reading the first exercise in your Dozen-a-Day book.  Always remember you can count from middle C.  It's [...]

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January 28, 2017 – Homework! :)

Bella It was so lovely to spend time with you on Saturday.  Your work on Eency-Weency Spider was really great.  You have a lot of expression to share!  Practice doing the siren!  See how high you can sing.  Imagine you are an owl, how would an owl do a siren? with a very round mouth.  See if you can think [...]

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 – Homework

Anastasiya You are really catching on about making chords with both hands!  It's such a great, warm and big piano sound.  Keep making combinations of chords and practice moving easily from chord to chord. Try doing different rhythmic patterns when you play the different chord combinations.  Repeat many times so it comes easily.  I will show you some chords for Twinkle [...]

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Saturday January 21, 2017 – Homework!

Chiara The moon/cookie song is a good one for you.  See if you can learn almost all of it by next time.  Make sure to make your words really clear and don't slide into notes.  Sing gently - remember the Reflection song.  On those high notes your tone is so pretty.  Try to bring that tone to other songs you [...]

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Sat Jan. 14, 2017 – Homework

Isabella How wonderful to meet you!  I am so glad you were able to sing two songs for me yesterday.  I hope one day you will teach me the italian one about the animals. Remember the story we told about the thunder and rain?  I think it would be lovely if you told a story like that for me next [...]

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e: Sarah John Wednesdays

Anastasiya Wow! your chords are awesome.  I especially love your choices when you play different chords at the same time.  Explore the keyboard this week.  Try different combinations.  See what beautiful big chords you can make. Also, think of a song you really like.  A nice simple song...try to figure out the song on the piano.  You have a really [...]

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Saturday Jan 7 – Homework!

Chiara Happy New Year Chiara!  You are sounding really good.  Remember to try the lying on the floor to do some singing, especially warm up.  That way you'll be really super relaxed.  Do all kinds of vocalizations, she what kinds of sounds you can make. Loud, soft, nasal or airy.  Sing through The People in Your Neighbourhood very s..l..o..w...l...y [...]

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