Practice for this week:

Pg 15 pattern, do with G and Em chords. Also do with C and Am chords starting on 5th string

Pg 29 pattern – do with C and G7, simple 3 string chords

Pg 38 pattern G 4x and Em 4x(same as plucking open strings)

As you are practicing these exercises, stay focused on keeping your thumb straight and relaxed.


This weeks practice: skip to my Lou, London bridge. Chords working on are C and G7. Practice should be at least 10 minutes a day, 4 days this week.

Mom and Dad try to get Malin to practice the same time every day and not be uninterrupted by his younger brother.

See posts from previous weeks to see what else I’ve suggested.



Hush little baby chords (in book) and melody – I wrote out tab for the melody. Strum pattern to be used for all the songs this week: Down down down up down up.

49 in book– chord exercise.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer – chords are above the words.


Two standard jazz songs weve been working on:

‘nice work if you can get it’

lady is a tramp



Jealous by labyrinth – capo 1st fret.

Young Volcanoes by fall out boy – Keep working on strum pattern and singing.



New handout silent night

He likes the 12 bar rock, we traded chords and melody

Did chord sequences 36-40, and pay me my money down 37