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Hi all! Maleeya:  You’re working on Rainbow (RH only) and the next page (LH only), and identifying C and G in the RH and C and F in the LH.  Make sure to use your diagrams at the top of the page to help you figure out where your fingers belong.  Also, keep working on maintaining that good, curved hand [...]

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Cynthia’s Lawrence park students May 10 – 16th

Hi all!  Just a reminder, the link to the drive is:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe Michelle:  You’re working on I’m Glad There is You - specifically paraphrasing the melody as written.  You can base your decisions on where to linger and what to move through on the text.  Keep the rhythm of the text conversational.  You can paraphrase the rhythm and melody by: [...]

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Cynthia Saturday students May 5 – 11th

Hi all! Light week this week! Maleeya - You’re continuing to work on Ice Cream truck - work with a metronome to keep your tempo even!  You’re also working on learning the Grand staff, and the difference between the treble and bass clefs.  Review the information in your book and in your notebook, and work on the Middle C piece, [...]

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Cynthia Lawrence Park Students April 26 – May 2nd

Hi all!  Good work today!   Michelle: We mostly worked on vocal hygiene, as you were fighting a cold today.  Make sure to stay hydrated and use some of the vocal fatigue avoidance strategies we discussed today!  See you Sunday! Practice as possible, taking into consideration your vocal health! Nila:  We worked on running Maybe today.  Keep running the music [...]

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Cynthia’s Saturday Students April 21 – 27

Hi all!  Nice to see you again after a week away! Reminder:  Google Drive link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe Mia:  You’re working on Rock Song and Rockets for the recital.  The accompaniment part is in your google drive folder, and you can use them to practice with.  You’re also working on Come Fly from the Recital book.  Remember to look for patterns in [...]

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Cynthia’s Thursday Lawrence Park students

Hi all!  It was so nice to see you again today!  I”m so glad to hear you had such successful lessons with Alejandra! Michelle:  We added two new exercises this week - Lip trills in perfect 5ths, and minor triads using the text Oh I Saw a Sad Sight.  Those exercises are in your google drive folder.  We’re also preparing [...]

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Cynthia’s Saturday students April 7 – 13

Hi all! Christopher:  It was lovely to meet you today!  You’re working on opening to a lovely hand position on the piano (blooming fingers) and touching the keys with your fingertips (ok fingers).  Try forming that hand position on the piano, but you can also practice it on tabletops or desks.  Remember, you want your knuckle where your fingers meet [...]

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Cynthia’s Saturday students March 31 – April 6th

Hi all!  Nice to see you today! Mia - working on additive practice this week, as outlined in your book. Isolate the problem, then slowly add one note after, or one note before etc.  Make sure to identify whether you are moving by step or skip!  New song this week - Rock song.  Harmonic intervals (two notes played at the [...]

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Cynthia TFS students March 29 – Apr. 4

Hi all!  Hope you had a lovely and refreshing break! Reminder that the recital is coming up soon - April 29th!  I would encourage you all to sign up to sing/play at the recital.  I will be there all day, so sign up for any slot that works for your schedule! Michelle:  We’re working on My Funny Valentine - this [...]

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Cynthia’s Saturday students March 10 – 23

Hi all!  Reminder, no lesson next week - March break! Mia:  You’re working on the same tunes as last time.  Make sure to notice if the music is moving up or down, and if it’s moving by a step or a skip!  Use the additive method to practice tricky sections - one bar plus one beat, one bar plus two [...]

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