11- 11:30  Nino

play along with recordings of these two songs (get the App that slows down music if possible):

Seven nation Army

Iron Man

Continue practising chords for demons


11:30-12  Shray

Continue Minuet on pg. 99

Ode to joy: play notes above the pencil line I drew

Kum ba ya in the old book


12:30-1:15 Veronica

Reading from jazz fake book:

I’ve got you under my skin



samba do aviao

it’s too late


1:15-2 Sydney

Tori Kelly: do you know one

Melanie Martinez: toxic


2:30-3   Felipe

Work on chords for Rock band songs:

Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

Gibraltar by Stanley Turrentine

Loving You is on my Mind by the Meters

Also think about songs that might be good for rock band in the future and continue Iron maiden lead riff