Practice exercises on pg. 28 (new), 23, and 25. Keep your thumb relaxed while playing and hand position should be close to the soundhole of the guitar.
Practice the songs from the book we played in the lesson Malin has shown interest in the songs on on pages 18, 20, 28,29, and 33.

Work on ‘smoke on the water’ Try using a down picking technique where you rest the pick on the string below it – it will help develop strong rhythm.
Also work on new song handouts: hot cross buns and twinkle twinkle (use first, second and third fingers when you are on the first, second and third frets).
Study circle of 5ths diagram. Practice for playing test using indicated fingering.
Fingerstyle technique using the thumb and index finger on chords for Justin Biebers Love yourself. Play along with recording in original key, and also in C which is the key suited to your voice.
Continue to work on songs from last few weeks as well.
Continue to practice the chords for Jingle Bells, and songs in the book – amazing grace, when the saints: C, G, G7, D7, A7
New: chords for Highway to hell handout
Review repertoire for rock band – both riffs and chords:
Look Ka Py Py- the Meters
Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
Funk 49 – James Gang
Hysteria – Muse
Rock n Roll – Led Zeppelin