Hello Everybody!

We are hosting a free Music Together Bonus class this Sunday, September 24th, at 7pm at our Oakwood location.  It’s a Pyjama class!  We have a few spots left, and would really like you to come.  It doesn’t matter if you are not normally at the Oakwood location, this is open to all of our families!  We are doing this class for our private lesson teaching team members, and they really need to see all you professional music class parents in action to get a good understanding of why  Music Together is so important to a good music education and how they can use Music Together ideas in their lessons.

Please call us as soon as possible to book your slot – we need You!  416-651-7529.

This is not open to Rhythm Kids, but you’ll have a pyjama class March 25th, 2018, so block that off in your calendar!

Remember, regular classes start October 1st.  We are very excited to see you back!