Awesome job today, everyone!  I know all of you are going to be busy celebrating or camping, but do try to use this time to practice more if you can.  You do not have to be at school!


Though you only practiced ‘Jingle Bells’ this week, you did retain the gains you’ve made.  Do not take your talent for granted!  You are a shining star, and will be one at the piano, too… if you practice!


Same goes for you, sir.  Don’t forget to MOVE to the ‘rhythmic feel’ of the piece you’re playing.  PRACTICE!  I look forward to hear the progress you’ve made over the holidays.


Whoa, buddy.  You have been one of my most consistent ‘practicers’ of all my students, and it shows!  Your music-reading is getting better.  Remember to read over my notes before you practice each song.  Keep it up!


Ah!  You want to do ‘rock music’!  So, your assignment over the holidays is to find songs on YouTube that you like, note the name of the song and the artist(s) performing them, and then when we resume in the new year, we will figure the tunes out on the piano!