Good lessons everyone, today!  Other than the same old mantra ~ “practice, practice, practice”, remember to MOVE to the ‘strong beats’ of the particular rhythmic feel of every piece you play!


Ah, another step forward ~ a notebook for me to write in to document your homework, what to work on each week!  This way, your parents (*wink, *wink) will know/be reminded of what pieces you are to work on, and what musical and/or technical elements you need to address.  And, please, practice at least a little bit every day.  You are so talented that even when you practice only once per week, you remember what we did in the previous lessons, so just imagine how soon you will be entertaining audiences in concert halls if you establish a good practice habit!


Delighted for you to have you as a new student!  You are very talented, too, and do have an excellently-ingrained work ethic already.  Besides the slightly different musical styles of the Baroque pieces you are playing, remember to always lift up your arms and relaxed hands (leading with your elbows in a circular, outward motion) at the end of slurs, and to MOVE to the STRONG BEATS of the various time signatures in each piece.


You signed up for the 30 minute per day practice challenge!  I’m counting on you!


Okay, though you did make progress this week, I know you can practice much more!  You will be improvising to the songs you love, creating your own arrangements, in no time!