Another way of saying practice makes perfect is, “if you work it, it will work!”.  No other way around it!


The above applies to you, as it does all people, dear.  No cutting corners in piano, or in life.  And, you’re smart!  So, don’t be lazy!  You will be surprised at how fast you learn the piano if you apply yourself, and try to master what I assign you each week in the lessons.  Step by step..


Excellent progress, Ahaan.  You just keep getting better and better at reading music and playing the piano.  Remember NEVER to have tense shoulder/neck muscles — find your strength from your tummy muscles!  Have an awesome vacation, and don’t forget to bring your music book!  You never know, there might be a piano in your hotel that they will let you play…


Remember to find your strength from your core muscles, shoulder and neck muscles should NEVER be tense.  Tension in your playing apparatus depends on the type of articulation in need for the piece you are playing, so know the difference, and experiment!  Thumbs generally should ALWAYS be curved, at least a little.


Remember, it’s not just what notes you are playing, it’s HOW you play those notes that counts.  Pay attention to how the sound varies when (and how fast) your fingers lift OFF keys, not just how they come down onto them.