Good lessons today and great practice this week, guys.   Keep it up!!


Excellent second lesson with me, Amelia!!!  Remember to keep your core/tummy muscles ALWAYS engaged as you MOVE to the rhythm of the piece you are playing.  Keep your wrists high, fingers curved (hand like a CLAW) and elbows away from your body as well.


Keep your core/tummy muscles ALWAYS engaged as you MOVE the rhythm of the piece you are playing.  And, remember, the melody is the ‘star of the show’, so make sure every finger articulating the melodic notes is ELECTRIFIED and animated, standing out above the rest of the notes.


Music is more than just about playing notes, sir.  It is about HOW you play those notes — how you move when you’re articulating keys, and how you articulate those keys!  Developing your coordination abilities and sensitivities playing the piano will help not only with your playing basketball, but in many, many other areas of your future life.  Trust me, I promise you!


Yes, yes, dear.  If you start to learn the principles of music this summer, a whole new world of musical possibilities will open up to you, and these principles apply to all the other art mediums (eg. dancing, acting, painting) as well.  Do your best this month in this regard, and you will not regret it!


Excellent progress from last week, dear.  Keep that left wrist high, and fingers curved as you MOVE to the rhythm of the piece you are playing.  Dance as you play, it will be fun!!!


Woohoo, my fine young sir!!!  Another book completed!  Remember to listen TWICE to the shortest time value of a melodic note in any piece you are playing, to make sure the SOUND of that melodic note is sounding (and changing) in exactly the way you want it to as you hold down that key.  Another way of saying it — ELECTRIFIED fingers!!!!



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