Awesome lessons and practice this week guys.  Keep it up!!


Another great lesson, despite not having a keyboard to practice on, you still remembered what we covered last week!  Now that your keyboard will soon be set up, I can’t wait to see how quickly you will progress once you start practicing!  Remember what we talked about — connecting notes/walking from note to note.


Woohoo, onto your second book!  Am so happy with the progress you’ve made since you began studies with me.  You are so talented, Ahaan.  Remember to get a box that’s big enough to fit your keyboard’s sustain pedal and your feet on!


You are getting ‘moving to the rhythm’/playing with your ENTIRE body quite nicely!  Concept we covered today – ‘SOSTENUTO’ = SUSTAINING the sound, connecting the notes of the melodic line, otherwise known as ‘SINGING’.  We’ve also come along way.   Great job!


Each week you just keep getting better and better, in every way!!  Remember to bring out/focus on the notes of the melodic line, regardless of which hand they’re in!  And, be aware of HOW you move effects the sound your fingers produce when articulating keys.


Great lesson, today, dear!  I think you’re starting to understand the theory behind the technique of playing the cello and making music.  Now, it’s just a matter of putting it into PRACTICE!  (Pun intended;)  Remember to retract your left hand fingers when coming off the string — actually, ‘pluck’ the string like you’re a cat scratching something.  And, MOVE your body to the strong beats while you are playing, no matter how slow you are playing.  This puts what you are practicing into context, and is the most efficient AND effective way to learn a piece.  There’s no other way around it.