Excellent job today, my pianist brothers and sisters!


Another good lesson today.  Remember to sit properly on the piano bench, and to use ALL of your fingers (pinky included) when practicing.  Looking forward to working on a song or two of yours on Saturday, so bring your lyrics/poems!


Super, super, duper!  In a month you will be ready for your Grade Two exam (after we select the pieces, you memorize them, and the technique/ear training is perfected).  Too bad, the exam does not happen until August, but we will progress onto more advanced musical and technical piano-playing aspects in the meantime.  Looks like scheduling on Mondays will not permit an hour lesson this semester, but, hopefully, in the fall!


Practice in SLOW MOTION with a STEADY TEMPO, making sure you are doing EVERYTHING CORRECTLY.  Your piano-playing abilities will begin to skyrocket, I promise you!


Finally!  Two good songs to figure out on the piano.  Bring your iPad next week, please.  I will show you how to figure them out!