Great seeing you guys again after 2 weeks (9 days for Mazin:)!


Just bulldozin’ through your newish book!  Remember to LIFT those fingers HIGH off the keys when not playing notes ~ hands like SPIDER LEGS!!!


Keep doing what you’re doing, my good little man, and you’ll be a pro musician in no time!  Improvisation for next week…


Sad, I won’t see you for another two weeks, but **happy** that I know you will keep practicing and perfecting your songs, and find new ones, so that in our next lesson we can start choosing your repertoire for your exam!


Another piece done, another on its way.  What about the 4 new songs I assigned in the last 2 months?  Practice those too, my friend!


You’re finally onto the program.  Now, it’s your turn!  Practice trying to play along to the melodic line of the songs assigned with your iPad.  You can do it!  The more you try, the easier it gets.