Students present:  Miroslava , Mark, Andrew  Students absent: Gabriela


We continued good progress on left elbow to left hand co ordination; scales improving and arpeggios in two octaves have a good basis to develop hand position 3rd position on the A string. The piece ( by Diabeli) needs stepwise  preparation  before playing  (ensure parallel feet under the shoulders and scroll pointing at the music on the page which opens and relaxes the torso), to allow balance to help  and effect -the bow control and dynamics. Overall shape the phrases with faster and longer bows for fortes and less bows for lighter parts, and choose the appropriate circle bowing to smoothly produce the tone of each phrase.



An orchestral piece where the bowing technique issue  of emphasizing certain notes seemed to contradict the the flowing nature of the repeated phrases, made up the bulk of this lesson. Right elbow height  is clearly improving when considered, (the right wrist and the right elbow supply the kenetic energy train to the string via the bow). Points such as: 3/4 -1/4 bow proportions in specific places, giving the right arm space to allow the wrist to change the bow hair angle from natural to flat and full hair contact, make preparations to lead with the left elbow crossing strings at the ‘big character change’ (mp half note with a tie in the 2nd half of the piece.) Overall, good clear understanding of the areas which need addressing which showed in the lesson.



The left elbow control is continuing to show improvement in supporting the left hand, the right arm however needs isolated practice ( see exercises such as: bow crawl, windscreen wiper bowing and especially ‘stiring the pot’ shoulder rotations). Whatever regular attention that as can be spared in your practice routine will strengthen and relax the muscles involved. Where in the bow to play each phrase is the key to improving how musical each piece sounds. Good work on such limited time.