Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Take a look at the rhythms we worked on in your lesson this week. Count each one out loud slowly, and then practice playing it. Don’t speed up until you’re sure that it is correct. Play each rhythm several times in a row before moving on to the next one. Also, practice writing some new rhythms on your own at home and we’ll look at them together at your next lesson.


Good work on the drum beats! They’re sounding a lot better. Keep working on them so that you can play each one with consistency. Also, take a look at the new rhythms from this week. Count each one of them out loud before you play it. Write some new rhythms too and we’ll take a look at them next week.


Keep practicing the various latin beats and rhythms that we’ve been working on. You’ve made a lot of progress on these and they’re sounding really good. Now, try to make them sound more relaxed and comfortable. Also, practice the new beat from “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin this week.


Practice the rhythms that we worked on this week. Count each one out loud before you play it. Start slowly and then, as you feel comfortable, try playing them faster. See how fast you can go while still maintaining accuracy and consistency. Also, try coming up with some new rhythms and write them down for your next lesson.



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