Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the new accent patterns that we worked on in your lesson. Focus on raising your sticks high for the accented notes and keeping them low for the non-accented ones. Practice slowly and always count out loud before you play.


Review all the drum beats that I have written down in your book so far. Then take a look at the 2-bar phrases which are new this week. Count the rhythm of bass drum before you play it. Keep a slow and steady speed and see if you can play each phrase at least 4 times in a row without stopping. Also, try writing some of your own 2-bar phrases in your book.


Keep practicing the two main beats from “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin. Also work this week on the transition between these two beats. Focus on keeping the bass drum and snare drum rhythms the same (they don’t change) and only change what the right hand is playing on the cymbals.


Take a look at the drum beat and fill that I wrote in your book from “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. In order to play the quarter note triplets, you have to subdivide each beat into three. Practice counting it out loud and play it slowly. Focus on keeping a steady speed and not speeding up while you play.


The Bossa Nova sounds great! Keep working on it and see if you can play it a little faster this week (with the fill!). Next week we’ll review it and also work on the 4-bar phrases. Practice the phrases slowly so that you can read the bass rhythms as you are playing. Try to be creative with the fills too.