Hi everyone,

Here is your final homework e-mail of 2015!


Great work on the new rhythms we practiced in your lesson this week. Take a look at the sheet I gave you and practice counting the rhythms out loud while you play them. Remember to keep a steady speed and to not stop in between beats. Also, take some time over the break to think about some songs that you might like to learn in the new year.


Try to finish learning Back in Black over the break. You’ve got the whole song now, so review the whole song and try to play longer sections of it without stopping. With the tricky sections (like the Bridge) always practice it slowly at first and the beats out loud as you play. Then try speeding it up. When I see you again in January, we’ll try to play through the whole song.


Take some time over the break to review some things from your book that we have done in the past. We have covered a lot of material in a fairly short period of time, so it would be a good idea to revisit things. Also, check out that list of drummers that I wrote down for you. Think about what it is that you like (or don’t like) about their playing and what kinds of things you would like to learn to do with your drumming. We’ll talk about it in the new year.


Keep working on those 9 drum beats from the sheet I gave you. You’ve done some really good work on learning those syncopated rhythms in the bass drum! Pay close attention to #7 and #8 – practice them very slowly and count the rhythms out loud as you play. This will help improve the  rhythmic accuracy and develop coordination between your hands and feet. We will revisit these beats in the new year.

For those of you that I won’t see next week for a make up lesson, have a happy holiday!



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