Hi everyone,

I will be away next weekend and there will be a sub here filling in for me. His name is David and he teaches regularly at ABC on Monday nights. Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the accent patterns that we started working on this week. Be sure practice them slowly and count the rhythm out loud while you play. This will help you to play each exercises accurately and with consistency.


Keep working on the accent patterns in your book. Practice them with a metronome if you have one. If not, just focus on keeping a steady speed, then as it feels more comfortable pick a faster speed and try keeping to that. Also, practice the new beats and fills from Travellin’.


Practice the ghost note exercises that we worked on in your lesson. Focus on keeping the stick close to the drum before playing each ghost note and then raising it before you play the main notes. Try to make your hands move the same way every time you play each exercise.


Practice the drum beat and fill combinations that we worked on in your last lesson. Make sure that you maintain a steady speed when you transition from the beat to the fill and back. Also try coming up with different fill ideas using the various rhythms that we have learned so far.


Keep working on the rhythms in your book. Practice them slowly and count out loud. Make sure that what you play on the drum matches what you are counting. Also, take a look at the coordination exercises we have done that use the bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat.