Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Mark Sunday May 15, 2016 as ABC Recital day!

Keep reading for the homework this week.



Today we also reviewed how to keep the first finger joint from collapsing when pressing a key (imagine a scratching motion on the key).

Look Both Hands:  This is beginning to come together. Be sure the LH is only playing C or G.

Check out this video for a demonstration of what the piece should sound like when learned. Notice the relaxed wrists and fingers (fingers are firm but not tense).




All Together Now: We worked through the entire song today. Be sure to keep your fingers in C position.  Check out this video of Zoe playing today. Notice we put yellow sticky tabs on the keys so she knows where to aim (when she lifts her hands off the keys, they tend to drift to a different place)





Starfish At Night: this piece introduces the student to playing all over the keyboard. We are exploring a mysterious whole-tone scale in this song. Remember to paint a musical picture. What can you do to make this sound interesting? (think about dynamics, pedal)

Sneaky Sam: Work on the first page this week. Hold the whole notes while the other hand plays. Follow the articulation carefully (always play short where there are staccatos, and smooth where there are slurs).



Simple Gifts: Keep thinking about the rhythm so that you’re not playing the entire melody at the same speed. Quarter notes should be held longer than 8th notes. You can also think about counting “ta” and “ti-ti” while playing.  Here’s a demonstration:



Review your learned pieces; the goal is to be able to play many pieces when you complete your book (not just the latest ones you learned). Sometimes you may need to slow down to read the notes if you make a fumble.

Bridal Chorus: This piece is not easy to learn because you are reaching B in two different ways (cross over or reaching). When reaching, be sure to follow up by playing C with finger 2 not finger 1.



Keep up the good work everyone. It’s great when we can make some progress week after week.