HI Bohan and Amy, here is your homework.


Thank you so much for your excellent work on the theme and 1st solo in the Bach Double Concerto. Your phrasing and articulation in the opening theme is now stylistically correct and the rhythm is much better. Really good job!Keep thinking the words while you play the opening subject. The countersubject is much better overall.Always keep counting the 16th notes while holding the long notes.

A few bars that need special practice with the rhythm: cadence mm 8. The b in the first violin comes just before you play the g sharp. Also mm 19 to 21 count 8th notes. In mm 20 on the tied g count 16th notes.

A few bars that need work on intonation: practice shift mm 16. Play d (2nd finger) then shift to g (1st finger). Practice 5x in a row. A minor passage mm 50: play open A,then put down 3rd finger d  and 4th finger g sharp together. In the C minor passage (mm 61 to 63), watch the e flat in mm 62. Practice the left hand exercise for this passage in your manuscript book. (Play the C minor scale as a warm up). Also practice shifting exercise in your manuscript book for the g minor passage in mm75.

Next lesson we will discuss the important solo in mm37 to 42 and passage in mm 63 to 75 & 53 to 70. We will also play the 1 st page of Bach Double as a duets.  We will start the lesson with Steven Foster’s prayer.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!


Thank you for bringing Pachelbel’s Canon into your violin lesson. Good preparatory piece for Bach Double Concerto. Practice D major scale (2octaves) and arpeggio as a warm-up. Good opening. In the 8th note passage watch your 2nd finger f# (needs to be higher). Good rhythm overall. Please get 2 copies of the Violin 1 part. Get to know the melodic line of the first violin part as well, especially how it fits with your part. I will suggest some bowings and fingerings next lesson.

Studies: keep practicing the shifting exercises in your little book. Also practice the Wohlfahrt studies and Sitt study (new) in 3rd position. Mark the semitones to make your reading in 3rd position more fluent.

Bach Double Concerto exercises (handout)  need to be practiced slowly. Keep the 1st finger d down during string crossings as an anchor! Tip:keep an open hand frame between octave d and d ( 4th finger).

Practice ( with piano) intervals of minor 3rd and major 3rd. Minor intervals sound sad, major intervals sound happy. Review circle of fifth: D major has two sharps which are f# and c#.

Next lesson we will practice scales with different bowings and fingerings. We will discuss finger patterns for the left hand and look at Pachelbel and Vivaldi Winter (largo). I will have more 3 rd position studies for you.

So glad your Vivaldi exam went well. Good Job!  Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!








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