Hello! Check out your homework for this week below:


Technical: Continue practicing C major this week, but focus on our new key: G major! Practice should include parallel-motion and contrary motion (from unison) scales, and triads (both broken and solid).

Repertoire: Look up definitions for “diminuendo” and “ritardando” and any other terms you find in your new piece, “She’s Like the Swallow”.

“Alligator”: Practice “collecting yourself” before you play. We decided this means, sitting comfortably, placing your hands on the keys, and selecting a tempo in your head before you begin to play. You can also silently count yourself in or quietly tap your tempo before you start to play.

Other reminders for “Alligator”: it’s a rhythmic piece and dramatic piece. Make sure you play with all the information in the music in mind (for ex.: dynamics, articulations, and rest). Use your suspenseful and funny story about the camper to create drama in the music. Remember to play and count and look out for those rests. Did I mention rests?



Technical: Review C major and G major this week. We will start a new scale next lesson. Try practicing with a metronome this week. It’ll help keep your scales and triads at the same tempo.

Music theory: This week we started talking about minor scales. Please complete the following exercises:

  • Questions 1, 2, and 3 (page 47)
  • Question 1 (page 48); write-out the scales for E minor, B minor, and D minor only!

Repertoire: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Great work with this piece so far! Now that the R.H. notes and rhythms are down pat, start learning L.H. and putting a few lines hands together (the trick is to learn just a couple bars at a time). As you’re learning to play hands together, remember you can play the piece slow and steady. Also remember to play and count. We’ll try to add some swing next lesson.

Reminder: I have borrowed your ShowTime Piano book to browse the pieces. We’ll select a new piece next week!

That’s all folks! Have a great week!