Dear Carmen,

Fourth – skip two white keys and two note names

My Fourth- remember your time values

Steps and skips

Echo song  (by memory) – have both hands ready in G position


(try to practice 10 mins a day)


Dear Ian

Review : Flute of Andes – G position (hold damper pedal throughout the entire piece)

Runaway Rabbit – High C position)

Prelude in a minor – keep on memorizing (practice A minor – E major chord transition)



(try to practice 10 – 15 mins a day)


Dear Miles,

The bugle boys – C position (try to keep your fingers above the correct keys)

Princess or Monster

Come on tigers

Bells of the Great Britain – hold pedal

All my friends

Prelude in a minor (by memory)

Scales : C, G, D – major


(try to practice 15 mins a day)


Dear Shayne,



Little river

Sailing in the sun

Ferris wheel

Classic dance


Scales : C, G, D, A – major; A minor

Blues in C – prepare your left hand for changing positions

Medieval fair (by memory)


(try to practice 15 mins a day)