Hello Piano Explorers and Teachers


I wanted to share this great video on creative performing!  Also, a friendly reminder that ABC Academy Recitals are on May 15, 2016. Start thinking about what pieces you’ve enjoyed the most in the last few months!



Itsy Bitsy Spider: This is coming along. Continue to play this at home consistently to get more fluent (playing from beginning to end without pauses or changes in speed).

The Irish Washerwoman (NEW): Check your fingering here carefully. Sometimes she moves her hand position away from the keys, and this affects all the subsequent notes. This song requires both hands on the keyboard.



Simple Gifts: This is coming along. We will do the duet next week. Continue to play this to get more fluent and confident in your playing so you won’t get distracted when I play the duet.

Fur Elise: Add pedal for the last bar to help hold the left hand chord.

Trumpet Voluntary: Watch out for the LH chords that are an interval of a 6th (we circled them today). Prepare for them by opening the hand to reach the notes. Also, watch for the F sharps.



Spring Theme: Check a few of the notes and move your hand closer toward the piano so the thumb can reach the black keys without twisting the hand. You’re doing great…keep up the practice.

Minuet in G: 8th notes must be played steadily even though the notes are flipped up (RH) or down (LH).



The Spook (NEW): This starts with the hand moved one note up from C. This helps to get students familiar with the keys and notes on the staff, instead of only associating a certain finger with a certain note. Be sure to play slowly as this was confusing for her today.

Are You Sleeping: She can already play this!  Challenge: Play this faster, and from memory next week.


Have a wonderful long (Easter) weekend everyone!