Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Mark Sunday May 15, 2016 as ABC Recital day!

Keep reading for the homework this week.



Irish Washerwoman:  you are playing the notes correctly. Keep your eyes on the music and aim to play this quicker and quicker.

Dotty Waltz: play this hands together (the LH is matching the first note of the RH. Hold the whole note for the entire bar. Continue to lift after each phrase (pretend your wrist is tied to a balloon that is rising in the air).

Stepping Up and Down:  Play the four notes that are slurred, then lift up. Drop down on the last note of each line. Keep your hand and wrist as relaxed as possible, but use strong fingers. See video link:




Look! Both Hands!:  Left hand is playing G and C. C is TWO spaces up in the bass clef.

Left and Right: Check the LH notes carefully.

All Together Now: Play the first line this week. Check out this video to review the technique we are working on (loose wrists but strong fingers).




My Dear Augustin: Read the RH notes (although you are in G position, and are playing all the F sharps, you have the tools to figure out any notes you don’t know. Sometimes you have to take the time to check the lines and spaces.

For next week’s lesson, please bring: Prep B RCM Book:




Sweet Molly Malone: Think of “Lon-don bridge” for the dotted quarter rhythms. Notice how the notes move sometimes by STEP or by SKIP. Play this slowly and carefully.

Geometry Dash: Great job learning the pattern from last week! This week, add one note in the LH (C, G, A, or F) to “support” the RH. This also works on “hand independance” because she is learning to do two different things: Play notes in one hand while holding down a note in the other.



Keep up the good work everyone. It’s great when we can make some progress week after week.